MSI Monitor profiles? What are they and how do I maximize them?

“I have no idea how to adjust my monitor for the games I play”, is a question we frequently receive in user Q&As. Indeed, every gamer has a different preference for color/brightness/sharpness. All the types of games come with different color and image requirements too. How do we find the best setting for a specific game?

Which mode I should choose?

MSI gaming monitors featured several built-in game modes. They are divided into 2 groups – 1. Game Modes. 2. Pro Modes. You can understand what these modes are made for by their names of the group. In Game Mode, most modes are named after game categories. Pro Mode includes Office, Anti-Blue Light, Movie, and specific color gamut limitation modes.

MSI monitor provided these modes to let gamers adjust to the game/purpose of their current scenarios. For instance, if the gamer is playing an FPS game or Racing game then the gamer can switch the current mode to FPS or Racing mode for a better experience. In office work gamers can choose to use movie, office, or color gamut limitation mode if gamers need a specific color range for work.

However, for most gamers, image preference and color behavior may vary since the games are created differently. The only thing that gamers can do is to adjust each setting individually e.g. brightness/Contrast/Sharpness/Color Temp/Night Vision level to find the most fitting combination.

This is the fastest way to find the best monitor settings. In Gaming Intelligence APP, gamers can easily save/create new profiles on the dashboard. The SOP is quite easy to follow. Please see the instructions below.

1. Install Gaming Intelligence APP

Download link:

*Some MSI monitors do not support Gaming Intelligence App. Please check the product page for support list.

2. Click Gaming Intelligence APP icon and activate it. If your monitor does not recognize anything, please check if the “USB-B cable” is connected to your Desktop or Laptop properly.

Install Gaming Intelligence APP

3. In the dashboard, please find the “+” icon on the top of all settings.

Install Gaming Intelligence APP

4. Please select one mode you would like to adjust, (This profile will be independent from original mode) then type the name of this customized profile.

Install Gaming Intelligence APP

5. If this profile is made for a specific “game” or “application”, don’t forget to link the APP.
When you launch the game or application, the monitor mode will be automatically changed to this profile.

Install Gaming Intelligence APP

MSI also noticed that many of our customers have a second display. With a second display, you have to adjust the 2nd monitor’s setting so that both monitors look the same even if both monitors are the same model. In this situation, a faster way to synchronize both monitors’ settings is to use the MSI monitor profile sharing function. First, you can export your current profile and save it as a .txt file. Then, you can activate Gaming Intelligence App on 2nd display and then import it. Of course, you can also share your favorite settings with your game-mate/friends.

Export profile

Install Gaming Intelligence APP

Import profile

Install Gaming Intelligence APP

Due to panel spec/source limitation, MSI highly recommends that profile sharing to remain between similar models to avoid the color/image quality gap. Or, you can use the profile as a baseline standard and then adjust each setting accordingly.