Great effort and perseverance are never left unanswered! Crowned 🏆 the Best eSports Clan of 2020 / 2022 at the Dialog SLESA National eSports Awards 💙

Ceremony, Maximum eSports now stands as the embodiment of success among all the eSports clan of the nation🥀💙!

While the journey so far had been arduous, our enthusiastic players and loyal fan base 🫶 never made us feel that it was exhausting. On the contrary, we were always backed with their encouragement and enthusiasm at every single step🤝💙! Maximum eSports will forever be grateful for your support 🔥💙!

Of course, we can never forget the assistance lent by our partners at @singer_srilanka and @msigaming @msi either! For without them, none of our efforts would have ever seen the light of day at all and would have forever remained a mere dream. Simple words can not express just how grateful we are to have you closely by our side in this journey🥀💙!