You need a high refresh rate monitor 4K@144Hz or 2K@240Hz for your RTX 4000 series graphic card.

Since NVIDIA announced the RTX 4090 in October 2022, many users were excited about new technologies such as DLSS 3. Those functions can make games look gorgeous and more realistic. They also provide excellent game performance in ultra-high resolution settings, in both (2K) 1440p and (4K) 2160p. They can help most games run above 150 FPS in 2K resolution and above 100 FPS in 4K resolution. This is a breakthrough for high-performance gaming. As a leading brand in gaming hardware, MSI already prepared the perfect monitor to pair with the RTX 4090 or other high-end graphics cards.

msi dless performance

Microsoft Flight Simulator 4K resolution with Ray Tracing & DLSS 3 image quality comparison

msi dless performance

Microsoft Flight Simulator Game Performance Table by GPU

With the RTX 4090’s powerful performance, we tested many games that can reach high FPS without enabling Ray Tracing and DLSS in 2K or 4K resolution. When the NVIDIA DLSS function is enabled, the game’s FPS can even reach 200FPS. That also represents that a monitor with high refresh rate is becoming important to match your GPU. In the picture below, we tested 13 games’ performance for your reference

msi dless performance

MSI Test 13 Game’s FPS by RTX 4090 in QHD & UHD resolution

From the performance chart, we can find 2K@240Hz and 4K@144Hz are the sweet spots for RTX 4090. Therefore, we came up with a list of monitors for you to pick up from.

RTX 4000 GPU Monitor Compatible List

Resolution & Refresh Rate



(4K) 2160p@144Hz

G321CU (Coming Soon)


(2K) 1440p@240Hz



(2K) 1440p@175Hz


(2K) 1440p@165Hz



You probably noticed some models’ names contain “QD” in the back. It represents MSI’s QD Premium Color Technology. Quantum Dot Technology has been developed to help monitors display more colorful and precise color coverage and color accuracy. MSI decided to push Quantum Dot to the next level and release MSI QD Premium Color Mode. When we play games, sometimes the color of the objects is too similar to the background. Therefore we set up a QD Premium Color Mode for gamers. They don’t need to adjust the digital vibrance control to solve this problem. Just turn on the profile to enjoy the best image quality to play games.

Concern for Space and Aesthetics
Concern for Space and Aesthetics

Hitman 3 Game Play by turning on Ray Tracing in 4K resolution

At last, if you feel troubled by building up a system from scratch or worry about the new NVIDIA RTX 4000 graphics card and Intel 13th gen processor’s power consumption, you can choose MSI’s latest gaming solution products directly. MSI MEG Trident X2 13th and MPG Infinite X2 13th both come pre-installed with RTX 4090 graphics cards and 1000W power supply units that are ATX 3.0 certified, guaranteeing performance and stability without any issue. You can learn more about the MSI MEG Trident X2 13th and MPG Infinite X2 13th in their product pages.

msi Game solution

MSI Gaming Solution Product Page: Link

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